México en The 1927 Film Daily Year Book of Motion Pictures

Información concerniente a México en el Film Year Book de 1927. Lo que más me llama la atención es la lista de distribuidores que había en México en esa época.

Film Year Book 1927 (The 1927 Film Daily Year Book of Motion Pictures), pp. 961-962. http://www.archive.org/stream/filmyearbook19271927newy#page/n0/mode/2up


Agitation – None.

Censorship – Conducted by the municipal authorities: Departments [sic] de Diversiones of the Municipal Government.

Competition – 90% American films shown.

Copyright Relations – By Presidential proclamations Feb. 27, 1896; Apr. 9, 1910.

Production – None.

Taxes – High.

Theaters – 700. Mexico City, 67; Vera Cruz [sic], 31; Tampico, 13.

Imports from U.S.A. –     1923: 5,500,000 feet; value $250,000.

                                               1924: 5,600,000 feet; value $205,000.

                                               1925: 7,600,000 feet; value $245,000.

                                               1926: 5,100,000 feet; value $160,000.

Exports to U.S.A. –          1913: 25,000 feet; value $1,800.

                                               1923: 24,000 feet; value $3,000.

                                               1924: 65,000 feet; value $16,500.

                                               1925: 55,000 feet; value $10,000.

                                               1926: 107,000 feet; value $13,000.

General – Recent disturbances of a political nature culminating in an economic boycott have greatly decreased the attendance of motion picture theaters. Some reports place this as high as forty per cent. It is impossible to tell how long this situation will last, but it is bound to cut down revenues from this market.

The Associated Press reported during the year that bull fighting has slumped into second place. Mexicans now spend four times more money on films than on matadors. Government figures show that bull rings in and near Mexico City took in 1,043,434 pesos during 1925, while picture theaters for the same time and territory had receipts of 4,683,106 pesos. Nearly 90 per cent of the pictures shown in Mexican theaters come from the United States, six per cent from Germany and four per cent from France, Spain and Italy. There are none from England and only now and then one made in Mexico by some special company.


Mexico City

Adjusco [sic] Pictures Co.

Aristas [sic] Unidos S.A., Capuchinas No. 67.

Associated First National Pictures, Apartado 75 Bis.

Famous Players-Lasky Corp., S.A., No. 1 Avenida Francisco L. [sic] Madero (Apartado Postal No. 108 Bis).

Fox Film de Mexico, S.A., Uruguay 37.

German Camus and Co., Belisario Dominguez No. 10.

Granat, S.A., Mutual Building.

Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer de Medjico [sic], 35 Capuchinas.

Premier Circuito Nacional de Exhibidores, Apartado 346.

Producers Dist. Corp. de Mexico S.A., Avenida Juarez Numero 88.

Rovzer, Leigh H., Apartado 1911 Correos.

Sayago, Alfonso, Ayuntamiento 12.

Universal Pictures Corp., Avenida Uruguay 43.



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