Lupe Vélez en el Capitol Theatre the South River (circa 1930)

Curioso descubrimiento fue encontrar la foto del Capitol Theatre de South Rives, New Jersey donde en su marquesina se anuncia a Lupe Vélez en la película The Storm. La foto debe ser de agosto o septiembre de 1930 pues la película se estrenó en Nueva York el 18 de agosto y el 22 en el resto de Estados Unidos.

Este filme es el tercero, después de dos versiones previas hechas en 1916 y 1922, de la obra teatral de Langdon McCormick’s Men Without Skirts. Producida por Carl Laemmle, fue dirigida por William Wyler y los diálogos son de John Huston. El reparto lo completan Paul Cavanagh, William “Stage” Boyd, Alphonse Ethier y Ernie Adams.

Capitol Theatre at South , N.J. (Foto:

A continuación la reseña del filme en el New York Times que se publicó el 23 de agosto de 1930, al día siguiente de la première nacional en Estados Unidos.


“The Storm,” With Lupe Velez, Tells Story of Canadian Wilderness.

A story centering around the love of two men for a girl while all three are held for the Winter in a snowbound cabin in the Canadian wilderness is unfolded in “The Storm”, the
feature at the Globe, in which Lupe Velez appears as an ingenuous French-Canadian lass.

The two men were the closest of friends, one having risked his life during the war to save his comrade, while the other later saved his friend’s mine by arriving with the needed cash in the nick of time. But when the girl, little Manette, the daughter of the native smuggler who was shot by the police, comes to disrupt their placid existence in the log cabin, everything in the past is forgotten.

While the climax is rather obvious, coming when Burr, the stancher of the two men, discovers that Dave has crossed the deadline set before Manette’s room, and then tries to kill him, the lesser moments intending to reveal how both are working toward a final
settlement are well presented. The scene in which Dave deprecates Burr’s Christmas gift of a music box to the girl by telling her that Burr isn’t really playing it is capitally done.

Lupe Vélez con Alphonse Ethier

The film has particular merit in the natural performances of all three players, William Boyd, as Burr; Lupe Velez, as Manette, and Paul Cavanagh in the rôle of Dave, who finally discovers that the girl doesn’t love him and then leaves the other two.

Miss Velez here possesses a vivacity typical of the rôles in which she has previously appeared, but it is somehow curbed by the restraint shown by the other players. The Messrs, Boyd and Cavanagh do well by their parts, as do the avalanches of snow, the rushing rapids, the blinding storms and the machine responsible for the wind that
sounded so much like a band saw at work.

THE STORM, with Lupe Velez, William Boyd, Paul Cavanaugh, directed by William Wyler, from the play by Langdon McCormick; “Men Without Skirts,” a comedy with
Karl Dane and George K. Arthur; newsreal. At the Globe.


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