Moving Picture World y su versión en español: Cine Mundial

Anuncio que promueve la versión castellana de Moving Picture World: Cine Mundial. Resulta inverosímil que sea en Estados Unidos donde se publique una revista en español especializada en cine antes que en México. Es claro que se trata de una estrategia de mercado, pero aún así es loable; además tuvieron el buen tino de involucrar al sector educativo.

Photo: Moving Picture World (Volume 27) Jan-Mar 1916

An Important Forward Movement: Cine Mundial*

Progress is secured in many ways, sometimes by leaps and bounds, and at other times by slow and careful growth, or deliberate development. The main thing to be sought for is such a progress that shall be safe, sure, abiding and profitable to all concerned. The Moving Picture Educator is most delighted to note that the Moving Picture World is about to issue a Spanish edition. This is progress indeed, a steady, solid, “safe and sane” move forward.

Second only to the United States, South America will prove a wonderful field for the greater development of the moving picture in all its branches. In Spain, as represented by the city of Barcelona, the moving picture has been placed upon its highest possible plane as an educational power, showing that the Spanish authorities are well aware of its possibilities; that this spirit will also prevail in Latin-America there can be no doubt, and the Moving Picture World has proved itself abreast of the times and equally observant of the trend of kinematographic tendencies when it decided to enter that widely opening field.

This is a splendid forward movement, neither sudden nor rash; it is an evidence of the natural growth of the influence of the moving picture, as it is also of the watchfulness of the Moving Picture World, fulfilling its careful duty as guardian of the moving picture interests as well as its greater interest in kinematography as applied to education and the power of being the people’s entertainer. To wish that this advance may be crowned with success seems only to forestall an assurance of the same. If we are to judge the future by the past successes of the leading moving picture trade journal, there can be little doubt that the Cine Mundial will be both to the trade and the public of South America everything that the Moving Picture World has been to the United States; especially does the Educator look forward with good reasons to anticipate splendid results.

*The Moving Picture World (Volume 27), Jan-Mar 1916; January 15, 1916, page 416.