Hollywood en el mercado mexicano (1926)

Information taken from C. J. North*, Our Foreign Trade in Motion Pictures in The Annals of the American Academy of Political and Social Science: The Motion
Picture in its Economic and Social Aspects
, editors Clyde L. King and Frank A. Tichenor, Vol. CXXVIII, November 1926, No. 217, Page 101:

An interesting development of the last six months – January to June, 1926 – is that American exports of films to Latin-America have out shipped our film exports to Europe. Of the 107,000,000 feet previously mentioned, over 40,000,000 are credited to the Latin-American countries as against about 35,000,000 to the countries of Europe. However, judged on the basis of revenue, Europe still leads by a wide margin, the most careful estimate placing the percentage ratio of these at about sixty-five percent from Europe, fifteen per cent from Latin-America, twelve per cent from the Far East, and the rest from Africa and Canada.

Page 105:

Mexico as our eighth largest quantity market received over 7,500,000 feet of films from this country in 1925 and yielded up about two per cent in revenue. Over ninety per cent of all the films shown in Mexico are of American origin, as is natural in a country so close to us.

*Chief, Motion Picture Section, United States Department of Commerce.