Creación del primer cine club mexicano

By-laws of the Mexican Cine Club

Experimental Cinema No. 4 de febrero de 1933, p. 34
Experimental Cinema No. 4 de febrero de 1933, p. 34

Article 1: The Cine Club’s social residence will be in Mexico City.

Article 2: The object of the Cine Club is:

  1. To show films, provided by the Film Society of London, the International League of Cine Clubs, the Film Amateurs’ League and similar organizations as well as films, which in the opinion of the Cine Club directors merit consideration at the Club’s sessions.
  2. To cooperate in the establishment of a Mexican cinematography.
  3. To show factory-films of high artistic quality, either at the expense of the Cine Club itself or in combination with some promoting management.
  4. To organize lectures and publish articles and critical reviews on cinematography.
  5. To work for the establishment of the educational cinema by means of scientific films; to see that the social function which cinematography can fulfill be made effective in Mexico.

Article 3: The Mexican Cine Club proposes to work together with the foreign cine clubs, but at the same time to investigate the problems of its own surroundings.

Article 4: The Cine Club will be comprised of an unlimited number of members. These will be divided into active members and subscribing members. Active members and subscribers will pay the same amount of dues and will enjoy equal rights, but active members will be given various duties to fulfill.

Article 5: Active members are obliged to cooperate by means of work and commissions toward the development of the Cine Club. Their number will be unlimited, but every candidate for membership must be proposed by two active members in good standing and be passed upon by the respective committee.

Article 6: Any person, without distinction of nationality or social category, may become a subscriber member of the Cine Club.

Article 7: Active and subscribing members of the Cine Club have the following social rights:

  1. To attend all the cinematographic sessions of the Cine Club.
  2. To enjoy any privilege which the Cine Club may obtain for its members.

Article 8: The sessions of the Cine Club will be of two kinds: business and cinematographic. Only active members will be entitled to attend the former. The cinematographic sessions will be held at stated intervals, preferably every month as soon as this is possible. They will consist of the showing of films, of short lectures, reading of reports, suggestions, etc.

Article 9: The cinematographic sessions will be public, and nonmembers will pay an admission charge. The difference between the total dues and that of the admission charges, together with the right to receive mail at the club’s post office box, constitute the member’s privilege.

Article 10: Those joining the Cine Club will pay a membership fee of one peso, Mexican silver currency, and monthly dues of one peso fifty centavos, Mexican silver currency. Payments will be made in advance.

Article 11: Each member of the Cine Club will receive two tickets for every cinematographic session and a 25 percent discount on tickets obtained from non-members.

Article 12: The administration of the Cine Club will be carried on through a Directorial Council consisting of an Art Director, a Technical Director, a General Secretary, two Secretaries of Finance, a Secretary of Propaganda and two Directors. This Council will be elected by the active members for a period of two years.

Article 13: When the Cine Club attains a membership of one thousand, it will form itself into a Cooperative Society, Ltd.

Article 14: The financial reserves which the Cine Club may possibly own at some future date will be spent on artistic films to be produced by the Cine Club itself.

Mexico City, June 4, 1931.

General Secretary, Agustín Aragón Leiva.


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