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The Guardian of the Flock (1915)

La revista inglesa Pictures and the Picturegoer de junio 26 de 1915 (Vol. VIII, New Series, No. 71, p. 234) publicó una inverosímil anécdota sobre un irlandes confundido con mexicano

Taken for a Mexican

Warren Kerrigan
Warren Kerrigan

An unconscious tribute to Warren Kerrigan’s make-up in The Guardian of the Flock was paid him recently when two Mexicans from Tia Juana approached him. Kerrigan was costumed as a sheep-herder. In order to secure the proper atmosphere a number of Mexicans were picked up in Los Angeles’ » Sonoratown » to form a background.

Upon arriving at the chosen location Kerrigan stood waiting on the outskirts of the crowd until he might be needed in the picture, when two Mexicans sided up to him.

«¿De qué parte de México viene V., señor?» («From what part of Mexico do you come, sir?»)

Like most men who have spent some time in Southern California or along the Mexican border, Mr. Kerrigan understands a good deal of Spanish, even if he does not speak it fluently. Hiding a smile, he answered as well as he could. «From Guadalajara.»

«What did I tell you?» bragged the first Mexican to the second; «I knew him at once from his build.»

Just then a call from the Director interrupted the conversation, which sooner or later must have exposed the player’s joke. Mr. Kerrigan, far from being a Mexican, is of Irish descent.

Three Hocks of sheep -nearly one thousand five hundred woolly little creatures—took part in the film and were herded together with difficulty.

Respecto a esta película, The Guardian of the Flock, que por lo expuesto en la anterior nota contiene ingredientes mexicanos, no tuvo publicidad alguna en Estados Unidos y salvo la anécdota referida y el anuncio publicados en el semanio inglés Pictures and the Picturegoer.

La cinta se exhibió en Estados Unidos pues aparece en las listas de estrenos que publicó la revista Motography los días 10 y 17 de abril de 1915 donde se establece que la cinta se estrenó el lunes 5 de abril de 1915. Sin embargo no hay sinopsis o reseñas de la cinta en las revistas especializadas norteamericanas.

Pictures and the Picturegoer, Vol. VIII, New Series, No. 69, Jun. 12, 1915, p. 199
J. Warren Kerrigan. The Guardian of the Flock. Victor Drama (Trans-Atlantic). Release July 22nd. 1,856 feet approx. Imagine a scowling Kerrigan if you can. Imagine Kerrigan in a part entirely different from any part he has ever played before — a part calling for the display of implacable hatred and an intense desire for vengance. That’s Warren Kerrigan in «The Guardian of the Flock.» His scowl is caused by his love for a girl who marries another man. But in the end the frown vanishes. A little baby drives the thought of vengeance out of his mind. Pictures and the Picturegoer, Vol. VIII, New Series, No. 69, Jun. 12, 1915, p. 199

El personaje de Warren Kerrigan, según la descripción del anuncio, es un individuo despiadado y cegado por la venganza, aparte es mexicano. Otro ejemplo de que los vicios y los defectos eran propios del otro; del diferente.

El periódico Ohinemuri Gazette (Vol. XXVI, No. 3450, p. 2) de Nueva Zelanda publicó el 27 de octubre de 1915 la siguiente nota sobre la cinta:

Criterion Pictures to-night

Owning to the Patriotic Pictures being held last night the Criterion Pictures will be shown to-night. The programme selected is one of the best that has been screened for some time past. The star drama is a Western Romance, entitled “The Guardian of the Flock,” featuring Warren Kerrigan, the noted American actor. Three flocks of sheep, 1500 in all, take part in this picture. Warren Kerrigan is given an opportunity to display his skill as a sheep herder, and charms all hearts. The story is a beautiful one, and should not be missed. Supporting this are two excellent dramas, the latest war tropical, comics, scenic, etc.

The Daily Star de Fredericksburg, Virginia publicó los estrenos del cine Casino el 8 de mayo de 1915:

At The Casino

… Monday night K. Warren Kerrigan, the world’s most popular photoplayer, will be presented in “The Guardian of the Flock,” a Mexican romance…

Ficha filmográfica: Producción: Victor Film Company. Director: Jacques Jaccard. Guión: W. M. Caldwell. Intérpretes: J. Warren Kerrigan (Tony Tafoya), Vera Sisson (Rosario), George Periolat (Bull McKnight), Jessalyn van Trump.