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Under the Stars and Stripes (1912)

Sobre esta cinta no mencionan nada Emilio García Riera ni Juan Felipe Leal. El primero en su obra México visto por el cine extranjero y el segundo con su lista de Películas estadounidenes de ficción de la Revolución mexicana, filmografía 1911-1921.

La sinopsis y la fotografía están en The Cinema News and Property Gazette (Vol. II, No. 16, enero 29, 1913, p. 82.)

Under the Stars and Stripes (A. K.)

Scene form Under the Stars and Stripes
Scene from Under the Stars and Stripes

On the Mexican frontier, a young American officer, Lieutenant Thompesone, makes the acquaintance of Mercedes, a Mexican girl, whose brother Paolo cordially detests him. This, however, does not prevent him from continuing his friendship with the girl, which eventually ripens into love. War puts an end to love-making at the end of some few months, and the lovers are forced to part for a time. Thompesone is called into active service, whilst Mercedes, naturally partisan with her own people, but fearful at the same time for her lover’s safety, watches for the issue of the rebellion with daily increasing anxiety. Thompesone is, as it happens, entrusted with duties requiring unusual bravery and resourcefulness. He is ordered to obtain particulars of the disposition of the forces around the Mexican base. Upon this errand the young officer departs, but, as luck has it, he is actually seen by a small number of Mexicans, amongst whom is Paolo, who decoy him to a sunken road. An attack is here made upon him, but he escapes, and takes to his heels. He is pursued, but manages to gain Mercedes’ house. He bursts in breathlessly upon the gil, who at the moment is embroidering the Mexican eagle on a large silken flag, and begs her to aid him in escaping. The girl, true to her love, conceals him beneath the folds of the flag, and when her brother and the Mexicans enter, gives them to understand that they are on the wrong track. After they have gone, she helps Thompesone to rejoin his camp, and ultimately adopts his country as her own when she becomes his wife.