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The Silent Revolution: What Do Those Old Films Mean

Marxist cinema historian Noël Burch [b. 1932] created along with producer Hubert Noigret The Silent Revolution: What Do Those Old Films Mean [Britain’s Channel 4, 1985].

A spellbinding journey into the early years of filmmaking in six countries – Great Britain, the U.S., Denmark, France, the U.S.S.R., and Germany – using beautifully transferred prints gathered from the world’s archives, that looks at how and why film became an art, and how it reflected and answered social needs and problems. Each silent film segment is accompanied by a newly-commissioned musical score (said by some to be ‘irritating’).

The early cinema of six countries is studied in this unique an insightful documentary series. Each study connects a country’s film with the society an epoch in which they were made while analyzing a specific social phenomenon. Excellent for Film Studies, the programs make good use of excerpts from fiction films, newsreels, key photographic documents and original texts and music. This is an original and intelligent series directed by film historian, Noel Burch.

Episode 1: Along the Great Divide: Great Britain 1900-1912. This episode, in an intricate web of images, words and music, presents the gentlemen inventors who developed cinema in Britain.

Episode 2: Tomorrow the World: U.S.A. 1902-1914. Targeting specialty audiences has been a strength of American cinema right from the start. View the early development of American cinema as it caters to specialty audiences such as the immigrant communities.

Episode 3: She! Denmark 1902-1914. Denmark was the first country to present the “emancipated woman. See the interesting details of this early image.

Episode 4: The Enemy Below: France 1904-1912. This episode presents the importance of populist styles and attitudes in the development of early French cinema.

Episode 5: Born Yesterday. USSR 1926-1930. The Soviet Revolution and its impact on the role of women and everyday life are presented in this episode.

Episode 6: Under Two Flags Germany 1926-1932. This episode presents the development of different styles of popular progressive cinema cut short by the Nazi’s victory in 1933.