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Captain King’s Rescue (1912)

Una sola sinopsis publicó The Moving Picture World junto con un anuncio de varias cintas de la Lubin. En el ejemplar del 20 de abril (Vol. XII, No. 3, p. 258) se publicó la sinopsis:

CAPT. KING’S RESCUE (April 20).—In anticipation of probable trouble along the border, two troops of cavalry, in command of Captain King, are ordered to Douglas, Arizona, a little town along the Mexican border and a port of entry into Mexico.

As they approach the town, the captain halts his column and goes to a near-by ranch house seeking directions as to his course. He finds standing at the gate watching his troop, the owner of the ranch, his wife and daughter, a girl of about eighteen, and a suave young Mexican, evidently in love with the ranchman’s daughter. The captain gets the information he seeks and invites the family to visit the camp which the soldiers will make at Douglas. They accept the invitation. The officer quickly succumbs to the charms of the ranchman’s daughter, Pearl, much to the distaste of the Mexican, Pedro. Later captain King rescues a poor Indian who is being ill-treated by Pedro. Pearl’s father, who is a witness to the Mexican’s cruelty, forbids him to again come to his house. The Mexican plots to get the captain out of his way and thus secure revenge. With some of his gang he waylays the soldier, knocks him senseless and throws him down a deserted well. He had previously witnessed the departure of the ranchman and his wife from their home and knew that Pearl was alone at her home. The Indian who had been befriended by Captain King witnessed the action of the Mexican, and mounting his pony, rushes to the camp for aid.

He reports what he has seen to the commanding officer and a detail of troopers go back with him to the abandoned well. They rescue the captain and, with him at their bead, the party proceeds to the ranch in time to rescue the girl from the clutches of the Mexican.

También en el mismo semanario, pero en la página 198 se publicó el siguiente anuncio, donde la cinta comparte espacio con otras obras de la Lubin Manufacturing Company. La cinta se estrenó el 20 de abril de 1912:

The Moving Picture World del 20 de abril de 1912 (Vol. XII, No. 3, p. 198)
Capt. King, is command of a column of cavalry at Douglas, Arizona, becomes acquainted with the family of a ranchman and falls in love with Pearl, the eighteen-year-old daughter. He has , however, a rival, a suave Mexican, named Pedro. One day the captain sees the Mexican ill-treating a poor Indian; he rescues the Indian and Pedro is driven from he ranch. The Mexican in revenge seeks the life the captain, but the Indian gets aid from the camp and the would-be murderer is secured. The Moving Picture World del 20 de abril de 1912 (Vol. XII, No. 3, p. 198)

Por su parte Margarita de Orellana y Emilio García Riera en La mirada circular y México visto por el cine extranjero respectivamente, publican la misma traducción del escrito que se reproduce al inicio publicado en The Moving Picture World.